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    PetroCard for Personal Use   

  • Set budgets on fuel.

  • Get unlimited reward points.

  • Track your vehicle performance with miles per gallon information.

  • Get maintenance reminders.

  • Record and track vehicle repairs.

  • Emergency numbers at your fingertips.


  • Get insurance and drivers permit reminders.

  • Track fuel consumption online.

  • Easy access to all your vehicle specifications, make model chassis.

  • Admin Fees are ONLY charged when funds are loaded.

  • Consumers pay $50.00 one-time cost per card.


Online Shopping

Customers can now top up their account in as little as 3 easy steps with EndCash, powered by Republic Bank Ltd!


Scan our EndCash QR Code or click on the following URL


Enter the amount you wish to send to your PetroCard Account


In the "What's it for?" field enter your PetroCard Number located on the gas card and send.

EndCash QR CODE.png
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