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Q: What is PetroCard Caribbean?
A: PetroCard Caribbean is a Pre-Paid Gas Card service offered by Alliance Software and Technology Systems Limited to customers for better management and monitoring of fuel expenses.

Q: Where can this card be used?
A: This card can ONLY be used by our authorized service providers listed on the home page.

Q: Can this card be used to purchase things other than fuel, such as soft drinks, cigarettes etc. ?
A: No, this card can ONLY be used for the purchase of fuel such as Premium, Super, Diesel,CNG.


Q: How can I monitor my fuel expenses using this service?
A: Once a member of our PetroCard network you will receive 24/7 access to an online portal to view, in real-time, your transaction history of Date/Time, Station, who fueled and how much was spent at this station. Customers for individual accounts can download our mobile app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Q: How do I credit funds to or top-up my PetroCard account?

A: Funds can be credited to your account in one of two ways;

Option 1.

  • Submit a request on the Online Portal whereby the system would provide you with a request number;

  • Make a deposit to our First Citizens Bank Account using online banking, direct deposit or at our Operations Office and;

  • Finally send an email to including the request number as well as a copy of the payment made.

  • Once funds have been confirmed as received your account will be loaded.


Option 2.

  • Purchase our Top-Up Cards at any of our authorized locations in the values of $106.00, $312.00 and $518.00

  • Log onto the online portal or mobile app and enter the top-up code.

  • Funds would be loaded immediately to your card account.


Q: How do I sign up for this service?

A: Click on "Sign Up Now!" above then select the appropriate account you wish to create. Fill out the online form and submit.

Q: How long does it take to activate my account?
A: The sign up process takes approximately 7 working days.

  • During this time a payment must be made to our account to for the account to be activated.

  • Once received, your "Welcome package" will prepared for delivery and an email sent with credentials to log into the online portal and mobile app.


Q: If I don't use the funds on my card, will it expire?

A: No, your funds remains on the account until it is used out, it does not expire.

Q. How do I use my PetroCard at the Gas Stations?

A: See below steps:

  • Present PetroCard and Drivers Permit, of the authorized card holder, to the cashier;

  • Provide Cashier with the amount you wish to fuel and the respective pump. Note Vehicle number and Mileage are both OPTIONAL information that can be recorded at the point of sale, some cardholders has requested this as mandatory, as such this information is ONLY provided as per each account holder setup;

  • Cashier provides customer with PetroCard receipt and a cash register receipt for the sale of Fuel;

  • Customer proceeds to fill-up.

Q: What if my tank does not take all the fuel, what then?

A: Return to the cashier and present your PetroCard, Drivers Permit and previous receipt. The cashier would then VOID the previous transaction and reprocess for the correct amount received in fuel.

Q: My PetroCard has a Unipet Logo on it, can it still be used at the NP gas stations?

A: Yes. Once there is a PetroCard logo on the card it can be used at both NP and Unipet stations.

To speak to a representative for more information please contact our office at any of the following:

Office: 610-2787(ASTS) | 713-7889 | 767-4028

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