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    PetroCard for Government Use   

  • Alleviates the hassle of maintaining Petty Cash, and promotes a cashless environment for increased safety and security of the user.

  • Allows for distribution to all staff as oppose to credit cards.

  • 24/7 Access to our online portal.

  • View and transfer card balances in real-time.

  • Structured reporting allowing for less administrative costs.

  • ONLY persons authorized to use the card can use it (the system checks the DP #'s entered at point of fuelling that MUST match that set up on the system).

  • Allows for the capture of Vehicle number and Mileage. (Optional)



  • Government customers pay a one-time card fee of $45.00 per card.

  • Pay only when you top-up your account a service fee of 4% (VAT Exclusive) of the funds applied to fuel on the account.


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