The Prepaid Gas card that Fuels you to Rewards



    What is PetroCard?   

PetroCard is the premiere pre-paid gas card that easily manages your fuelling experience whilst earning unrestricted rewards. This real-time facility is available to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from corporate fleets and executives with chauffeured drivers, to UWI students and parents, the individual national consumer, and expatriates.

The PetroCard system has been in operation since 2011 and is owned and operated by Alliance Software and Technology Systems Limited.


Benefits of PetroCard

  • PRE-PAID system that allows for better management and control.

  • Promotes a cashless environment for increased safety and security of the user.

  • Electronically manages fuel consumption in controlling and monitoring monthly fuel expenses.

  • Tailors fuel consumption in ensuring that your funds are spent on fuel only.

  • Saves you time, money and minimizes the possibility of fraudulent activity.


  • Gains you unrestricted rewards in redeeming your earned points at any merchant that you so desire.

  • Set budgets on fuel.

  • Track your vehicle performance with miles per gallon information.

  • Get maintenance reminders.

  • Record and track vehicle repairs.

  • Emergency numbers at your fingertips.

  • Get insurance and drivers permit reminders.

  • Track fuel consumption online.

  • Easy access to all your vehicle specifications, make model chassis.



Where Can I use the Gas Card?

Unipet Service Stations

NP Service Stations

  • Medford in Chaguanas

  • Peake Petroleum in Cocorite

  • Peake Petroleum in Tacarigua

  • St. Augustine

  • Romany and Associates(Upper Santa Cruz)

  • Quickstoppe Gas Station(Curepe)

  • Lady Hailes San Fernando

  • Acme Service Station(Princes Town)

  • Central Service Station(Couva)

  • N. Maharaj Service Station(El Socorro)

  • R. Supersad Service Station(Vistabella)

  • S. Supersad Service Station(La Romain)

  • Ramharrack Service Station(Laventille)

  • Unipet in Brentwood

  • S. Jaggernauth Service Station(Santa Flora)


  • RJT Service Station (La Brea)

  • St Christopher's (Wrightson Road)

  • Airport Gateway (Piarco)

  • Damian Lyder (St. Augustine)

  • Nift Energy Ltd (Royal Road, San Fernando)

  • Dylam Service Station (Siparia)

  • Cayene Enviro Pro Ltd (Moruga)

  • Mc Intyre Service Station Ltd (Barataria)

  • Trinidad and Tobago PetroGas Ltd (Cross Crossing)

  • NPMC Preysal Service Station (Couva)



53 Picton Street, Newtown, Port-of-Spain

Tel: 1(868)610-2787(ASTS)

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